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Employment Screening

Whether you are with a Fortune 500 corporation, amid size organization, or a small business, Check Before Hire offers comprehensive background screenings that enable you to focus on what’s most important, managing your organization’s risk by making diligent and informed employment hiring decisions.

We understand that every client is different, which is why we tailor the background to suit your individual needs.

CHECK BEFORE HIRE Background Checks have
a wide range of Services.

  • Address & Social Security Number Trace
  • Criminal Search
  • Bankruptcy Filing
  • Business and Corporation Search
  • Patriot Act Search [County, Federal, Nationwide]
  • SEC and State SEC Records Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Civil Search [County, State]
  • Education Verification
  • Civil Search [Federal]
  • Driving Records [MVR or DMV]
  • Employment Verification
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control [OFAC]
  • Professional License Verification
  • Personal/Professional Reference Check Verification

Social Security Trace

A Social Security Number (SSN) Trace validates a subject’s social security number and address listings via one of the three major credit bureaus, as well as public record sources.

Social Security Administration (SSA) Search

(Post Employment Search Only) The Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) is available at Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Business Services Online (BSO).

County Criminal Records Search

A County Criminal Records Search reveals a subject’s felony and misdemeanor criminal record(s).

Federal Criminal Records Search

Crimes tried in Federal District Courts involve violations of the Constitution or federal law and may not appear on county court records.

County Civil Records

This civil record search will identify suits filed by individuals or corporations, including product liability suits, civil rights violations, and judgment for non-payment of goods, as well as litigation related to divorce, marriage and child custody.

Federal Civil Records

Federal civil searches (usually white-collar offenses), include records that involve alleged violations of federal statutory or constitutional rights. Individuals, businesses or governmental entities file these civil cases.

National Criminal Database Search With Sex Offender Registry

This database search is a comprehensive search that provides same-day access to the largest criminal database available to millions of offense records.

Motor Vehicle (Driver’s Record) Report

Check Before Hire recommends a search of driving records for all employees to identify histories that may serve as a warning of potential problems that can affect job performance.

Professional License/Certification Verification

The Check Before Hire Professional License/Certification Verification confirms professional license(s) claimed by an applicant.

OFAC / Homeland Security

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury (OFAC), enforces economic and trade sanctions based on foreign policy and national security goals.

Employment Verification

This verification confirms a subject’s past employment record and job title. Check Before Hire makes attempts to obtain information to also include the reason for termination, rehiring eligibility and work habits.

I-9 Verification Program

I-9 compliance provides employers with new and expedient methods of complying with the legal requirements of Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).

Personal Reference Verification

The Personal Reference Verification provides insight into an applicant’s trustworthiness, reliability, competency, and integrity. It is a valuable source of information about the applicant’s general image as perceived by others. All questions can be customized to your unique needs.

Educational Verification

False educational credentials are common among today’s pool of fiercely competitive job applicants. A Check Before Hire Education Verification Check confirms schools attended, dates of attendance, certificates, diplomas and/or degree(s) received, and special recognition or awards.

Wants and Warrant Search

A wants and warrant search is a nationwide search of local, county, state and federal extraditable warrants, and may include misdemeanors or felonies. Not all law enforcement agencies contribute to this database.

Our company has been utilizing Check Before Hire for over two years and will continue to use their amazing services. They have impeccable customer service and are reliable and trustworthy. They make the background screening process smooth, user friendly, and the turnaround time is great.

Tim DieselDiesel Commercial Group

Polaris had been a client of Check Before Hire for a number of years before I started 5 years ago. Since I have been here, they have always had a quick turnaround for our pre-employment screenings, which has helped facilitate our hiring process. Debbie is always on top of things and is great about keeping me up to date on the status of our screenings. I would highly recommend Check Before Hire for your background needs.

Jamie WitterPolaris, HR Business Partner

We have worked with Check Before Hire for over 5 years and have always had immaculate service! I recommend them to anyone considering choosing a background check company. The services offered cover all areas of background checks, and their customer support is top-notch. Their upgraded website enables us to hire with confidence and ease. It’s user-friendly, and candidates like that it’s simple and easy to complete. I cannot say enough how Check Before Hire goes above and beyond to make sure our requests move along smooth and quickly.

Jen NelsonCity of Marinette, HR Specialist


Our platform offers a customizable and user-friendly system for placing orders that can be driven by you or your applicant. It features built-in FCRA-compliant forms as well as an easy-to-manage Adverse Action process. Interested in seeing how simple ordering a background check can be? Let us show you.